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MS – Excel

Ms-Excel is spreedsheet package available under Ms-Office. It number of fuction for any type of calculation this is used to maintain the records of college, university, bank, organisation etc. if user calculate ant type of calculation on manual paper and change the value in dependent call than again change in precedent cell but in Ms-Excel automatically recalculate


The file of Ms-Excel program is called a workbook. A workbook is collection of sheets. By default a new workbook has three sheets1, sheet2 sheet3. A new work-book load with book1. The extension of workbook is. Xlsx


A sheet is collection of columns and rows.


A vertical group of cells is called a column. A column header is indicated by A, B, C, …………………… XFD I e 16384 columns in a particular sheet.


A horizontal group of cells is called a row. A row header is indicated by 1, 2, 3, 1048576 in a particular sheet.


Intersection between column and row is called a cell. A cell holds 32000 characters.

Process to open “Ms-Excel”

1. start – All programs- Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010………………
-> Open Run” (press Windws button +R)
-> Type “Excel”
-> Press “Enter key” click on “ok”

File Button Ribbon Tabs Title Bar Minimize Button Maximize Button Close Button

Name Box

it displays current cell address.

Formula Bar

it displays current cell data and function.

Sheet Tab

this is used to activate particular sheet.

File Tab (Alt+ F)

New (ctrl+ N) :This is used to create new workbook (file).
Open (Ctrl+ O) :This is used to open an existing workbook (file).
Save (Ctrl+ S) :This is used to save a new workbook with a new name and include modify date in active workbook.
Save (F12 ) :This is used to create duplicate workbook of active workbook and apply password.

Process to Apply Password

-> Active as your required workbook
-> Click on “file button”
-> Click on “save as”
-> Click on “tools” drop down
-> Click on “general option”
-> Again define password
-> Click on “ok”
-> Again retype same password
-> Click on “save”
-> Click on “save”


It provides some commands such as Quick prin, print preview.
It provides some commands such as Quick prin, print preview.

Quck print

This is used to direct print the data of active workbook if printer is ready I. e it don’t provides the dialog box of print.


This is used to print the date of active workbook according to specified i. e it provides the dialog box of print.

Print preview

This is used to display the current workbook sheet’s data how will be print.

Close (ctrl+ w or ctrl+ f4 )

This is used to close the active workbook

Exit excel (Alt+ F4)

This is used to close Ms-excel application

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